Why phone repair shops might just go out of business

In the year 2016, it was reported that a little over 150 million phones were discarded by their users in the United States. Although these numbers also account for the phones that were discarded by virtue of them being outdated, a large portion of these phones was thrown away for the simple reason that they simply needed to be repaired in a certain way. Maybe a broken screen or a dysfunctional mouthpiece.


A large number of these disposed of phones are the worldly popular I-phones.

It has quickly established a trend that in recent times, people are always going for new phones instead of repairing the ones that they have whenever they get a problem.No one wants to go to the phone repair shops anymore.


Why is this a common occurrence though? Why not just take your phone to a iphone repair shop in las vegas and have it fixed?


Lets sample a few reasons why most people would rather buy instead of repair cell phones.


1. Cost of repair.

Most people just avoid the whole idea of repairing their broken phones for the simple reason that is expensive.Considering a person may have already used the phone for over 6 months, spending a substantial amount of money to repair the broken doesn’t quite get you value for your money.So a person simply decides to buy a new one.


2. Time.

The world we live in today has gone almost completely digital, and most of us rely on our cellphones to keep in touch with what’s going on in the world.Not only that, but the cellphone has become an everyday accessory that we use be it for shopping or emails and many other things.


So considering the time that your cell phone will stay at the repair shop, it is simply not an option. This drives people to decide to just buy a new phone and stay connected.


3.The allure of an upgrade.

Phone technologies are evolving every other day. You will always find a new and upgraded version or model of a particular phone every other few months.

It is this reason that drives many people just to buy the new and upgraded model instead of repairing the old one.Why repair my old phone while there is already a new model out? Is a question that pops up during these situations.



It has become a common belief to people that once an item is damaged, even if you repair it, it will still have more problems in the future.

This line of thought has been used by many people when they decide to buy a new cell phone instead of repairing. To them, it’s just a matter of convenience.


5.Reduced phone prices.

When cell phones first came into the market, they were rather expensive gadgets. You could not just afford to break a phone today and buy a new one tomorrow.

However, times have changed! Over the past decade, we have seen a big drop in cell phone prices making them even more easy to replace in a day than to wait a week for repairs.



The technology revolution that is going on now is changing the world in almost all aspects. And in return, the world is changing us to fit in. None more so than how it’s changing our perceptions about repairing cell phones.


It is evident that most people are now not looking at broken or damaged cell phones as those that be repaired, but rather those that have to replace.And this should be a major concern to those running the phone repair shops.