Reasons Why IT Assessments Can Provide Cost-Effective IT Solutions For Non-Profit Organizations

One of the first lessons successful charities learn is a non-profit business is still a business and must be operated professionally. This applies to all aspects of the company including accounting, human resources and IT. Unfortunately, many non-profit organizations take a minimalist approach to IT services. This undermines their ability to provide help to those in need. IT assessments allow charities to determine what kinds of resources fit their needs and their budget so they can provide the best care possible to their target population.

Disaster Recovery

One of the most basic business functions is to have an IT plan for disaster recovery – prepared by a firm ( Information such as financial data or client records is critical to any organization’s function, and if that information is lost, operations can come to a halt. The charity could collapse and even find itself in trouble with granting agencies for not providing promised services.

IT assessments allow non-profit organizations to find disaster recovery solutions appropriate to the organization. For small charities, this might be as simple as a schedule of nightly server backups onto tape or remote servers. Larger facilities might need more advanced disaster recovery solutions such as redundant servers and network connections that allow the charity to operate in the event of a natural disaster. Many non-profit services are in most need during crises which can also threaten the charity’s ability to function. Thus, disaster recovery is even more critical for these entities than for private corporations.

Protecting Confidential Information

Although disaster recovery is vital, information also needs to be protected from unauthorized intrusion. Non-profit organizations often have access to confidential information, and they must make every effort to ensure this data does not fall into the wrong hands. Something as seemingly harmless as a list of client names could alert unscrupulous individuals to people in need or people who might be desperate enough to fall for scams such as identity theft.

Charities that deal with patient medical or financial information can face serious penalties if that information is not adequately protected. Organizations such as hospitals, bankruptcy advisors or legal aid societies are privy to information that must be protected at all costs. IT assessments can determine how vulnerable the current infrastructure is to unauthorized intrusion ranging from hacking the network to simply walking in an unlocked door and sitting down at a computer. They can also institute systems to protect computers from viruses, spyware and other malicious software.

Big Needs, Small Budgets

Non-profit organizations have IT needs as great or greater than private organizations, but don’t have the deep pockets that corporations have. They often can’t use off-the-shelf solutions designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers since they contain a range of features many buyers don’t use. Non-profits need customized tools that cater to their needs and fit within tight budgetary requirements.

Grantors don’t give money to organizations only because those organizations assist the community. Grantors also need to know their money will be used wisely. Charities that don’t show fiscal responsibility find their sources of funding dry up. When charities ask for grant assistance, they must justify every penny spent and demonstrated every solution is the most cost-effective choice. IT assessments need to find options that meet the needs of the organization regarding security and data recovery, but also regarding their limited financial resources.

Creating A Plan That Helps Everyone

Many departments will be impacted by the changes recommended by the IT assessment, and this is why everyone should be included in the planning phase. Obviously IT staff should be included, but so should directors of each department. Large charities should have representatives from each chapter involved in the planning.

Since the organization already is using some software and hardware solutions, the company’s vendors should also be included in the planning to ensure they can offer the capabilities needed to support the final solution created. Any partner charities should be included as well. The IT assessment can’t help unless the people involved have all the information needed to come up with a comprehensive plan to meet the organization’s IT needs.

Professional management ensures a non-profit organization can meet its mission to communities in need, and live up to its responsibilities to donors and grantors. IT assessments ensure the organization has data protection and disaster recovery tools in place to meet those obligations.

Choosing a VDR Provider

A virtual data room is an online storage system that is used for storing and distributing a business’s or an organization’s documents. It is more secure, cost-efficient and efficient than the traditional standard data room hence it’s an essential unit for managing files.When looking for a virtual data room provider, its important for a business owner to consider the specific needs of the business and the features and services offered by the provider.

A virtual data room is a very sensitive unit of an organization since it deals with documents which may contain very sensitive information. Thus the security of the data and efficiency are important factors to consider in a storage system. Therefore, it’s business owner’s responsibility to choose a good provider. The best tips on choosing a virtual data room provider are as outlined below:

  1. Consider security
    Security of the virtual data room is a very crucial aspect in online storage. This is because it deals with a business’s documents that may have high-security requirements. Therefore, one should choose a virtual data room provider that is able to implement maximum security features in the cloud storage system. The features include two-factor authentication, encryption, and access control.

2. Search for provider’s evaluation
When looking for a provider, the business owner should search for their evaluation online or ask people for their opinions regarding the provider. Based on the assessments, the owner rightly decides which provider will implement his or her cloud storage needs. It is also important to familiarise with the important attributes of the storage system to choose the right provider, and to read virtual data room reviews beforehand.

3. Consider a demo before purchasing
Various providers offer demos. Therefore, a business owner should ask to try the service offered by the provider before purchasing. The demo allows one to familiarize with the operation of the system and decide whether it’s the best option that meets the organization’s requirements.

4. Consider affordability
Before purchasing services from a provider, it is a good idea to ensure that they provide cloud storage services at a cost that is affordable.One can check online profiles of various providers and assess which of them will meet their needs at a price they can pay.

5. Convenience
A virtual data room provider should be offered a system that is easy to set up and implement. Also, the organization should look for a provider that gives continuous support even after installing the system. The online storage system should be flexible to allow for expansion of storage space as demands increase. One should look for a provider that offers a data room that is accessible at any time and on any device.

6. Assess the customer care service
It’s important to evaluate the customer support offered by a virtual data room provider. This is because one may need their help in case technical issues arise in the storage system. The provider should have a support staff that is attentive and offers the needed assistance in the shortest time possible.

A virtual data room is of great help to an organization or business since it’s able to manage its documents on a secure platform. Therefore the tips provided above will help any organization to find the right provider who can offer reliable and quality devices.

Designing full color printed bags

Our mind is the most complex part of our body. It has so many processes, and thoughts are running through it, simultaneously and amazingly both don’t interrupt the working of each other. Imagine displaying the combination of your thoughts and processes on paper, in the form of art, wrapped in colors and beautiful messages – mesmerizing to even imagine at.

Art can be displayed in various forms. We see art in galleries, pictures, nature, a combination of colors, etc. Have you ever thought of putting out your artistic mind on your daily routine items? It will be compelling to through away your thoughts in the forms of glitters whenever you go, wherever you go. Start of having customized items in your wardrobe. Clothes, shoes, handbags, wallets and even simple shopping bags.

Full color printed bags are available in the market, and you can even design one for your own selves. It’s always attention-grabbing to see yourself wrapped in colors and into the thoughts of you. So, why not give it a try in your real world?

The best thing about full color printed bags is their timing. Yes, they are long lasting, and that is what makes them stand out a crowd. These laminated bags enriched in colors have long lead times than standard bags, and this is the reason they are more desired as compared to others these days.

If you want your bags to be printed from a store, do provide them the relevant details of the art you want to be displayed on your bags. The art may consist of anyt6hung in your mind, whether it is a pattern of colors, a tapestry design, some cool phrases, an abstract idea or any other form of artwork or a logo. They will make sure that your requirement is fulfilled and gets done in time. All of your relevant details will be placed on your profile, and a sample artwork will be shown to you before you place your order so that you are well aware of what you want to order and the product does match your expectation.

Every business has peak hours and peak time, and so does this one. If you are planning to place an order, keep in mind the occasion going on. It is pretty obvious that during the holiday season it will add an extra lead time to deliver your order because Christmas is always full of love and gifts and everyone wants to send their love and blessings to the other in the prettiest way they can.

Regarding the lamination finishes, there are two versions available for it. They are gloss and matte. It’s totally up to you that with which version you want to proceed with your order. When it comes down to checking the material by touch, both feel the same. It’s just the outlook that differs. The main difference that separates gloss from the matte is that gloss has a shiny, glittery touch and you can detect it just be looking at the bag whereas matte has a flat finish. So at the end of the day, go for the version which is better loved by you or the one you want to gift out to.

In this case, matte is recommended over gloss unless you are opting for a certain photograph. Precisely, change is good, change looks good, and change feels good. So this year, try changing your style from traditional to trendy, from standard to colored, and the change you will experience will be soothing.


Why you should pay for a math crash course

The process of studying for an exam becomes quite easy and enjoyable if one joins an online math crash course. An Online math crash course Tutoring Program can be very effective in familiarizing the students with the actual format of the test. Diligently following an online course will bring out the best in a student by helping learn how to be confident when solving maths problems and how to manage time each of the math test sections.

Some tests suggest that a math crash course does not analyze the logic or abstract reasoning capabilities of a student. Instead, it evaluates their knowledge of reading, writing, and math-the very things that are regularly taught in high schools. Preparations for a math crash course, therefore, broadly comprise different topics that the students have learned throughout their four years in the high school. Having a clear understanding of the exact topics tested on the math crash course can save the overwhelming and tedious task of reviewing four years of academic material and help one focus studies on the specific areas that need improvement. An online a math crash course can be beneficial exactly in this aspect and help students gain entry into the elite college and universities of their choice.

These online a math crash course provide the students with personalized study materials which save them the trouble of visiting various libraries and surfing the internet to collect as many notes as they can. Therefore, they can dedicate more time on actual studying, rather than researching. Immediate feedback from the tutors can help a learner to reflect on his performance. The guidance and tips provided by the tutors are also helpful for acing the math crash course.

Improves concentration which not only helps in math but also in other subjects provides simple and straightforward solutions to questions minimizes the math phobia by making it blissful enriches the knowledge and understanding of math which develops continuity in various branches

1. To the students preparing for Entrance or Competitive Exams

A large number of students who appear for competitive exams on an international level hugely reply on the math crash course formulas and its approaches. It is a convenient and more trusted source to be used to crack the tough competitions.

Increases the mental agility, i.e., it encourages performing mental calculations reduces scratch work which means all calculations can be done without using pen and paper, thus saving time enhances the speed and accuracy which is critically essential for completing these exams provided cross checking of answers through various approaches to the same question

2. To the teachers and trainers

The math crash course is widely adopted by the educators and teachers around the globe. Teachers have considered this system is very efficient to be taught to children as they easily grasp its methods and do not shy away from mathematics. It is more suitable to make students learn the number system, calculations, and mathematics as a whole.

Finally, More practical to be taught to the students develop an interest and attraction for students towards math and get satisfying results helps develop the spiritual side of students personality which makes them rational beings makes the students intuitive and thoughtful to understand the studies and real life situations better. This is how a math crash course has helped different segments of society and has made their lives simpler and opportune.

How A Poor Website Design Ruins Your Business

As innovation keeps on progressing and more associations are winding up significantly prepared at using it to grandstand their items, it ends up being more vital to have an online stage that genuinely works for the advancement of the business. Potential clients are searching for data, as well as they’re currently widely utilizing websites to settle on choices about where they will work and work together, design arrangements, buy things, and that is just a hint of a greater challenge.

How Can a Dull Website Ruin Your Business?

Since buyers are using an association’s site to choose about whom they work with, a dull site can turn out to be too awful for your association. A current report uncovered that over 70% of purchasers imagine that solid associations have a great website and are more dependable to work with. This shows your website’s plan, look and feel is an immediate impression of your validity. This is perhaps the most negative effect you take when your site is dull.

Observe these different downsides of a monstrous, dull and exhausting website.

1. Lead Generation Results Decline

A website with the terrible plan will toss your potential customers specifically into the court of your opponents (especially if your adversaries’ locales are alluring while yours is lacking). Not giving a brisk, basic path for potential customers to contact your organization is one of the speediest ways to deal with loose leads.

2. Presentation/Visibility is Damaged

It’s vital for your website to be valuable, important, and reliable with a specific ultimate objective to show up on the first or second page of Google’s or other web crawlers’ outcomes when a potential customer searches for related watchwords. There’s a substantial plausibility that if your site needs quality substance, a favored area name, and other basic elements, at that point potential customers will most likely be unable to see it in any case.

3. Notoriety Of Your Business Is Affected

Potential clients (now and again, even the old customers) begin expecting that your business is obsolete and needs progression and advancement. If the route on your website is confounding and not easy to use, at that point the clients believe that your business is inconsistent and maybe even not inspired by or centered on satisfying the prerequisites of new clients. New shoppers may surmise that you’ll be lethargic in a business relationship and will go to your rivals’ website if your web page neglects to offer simple methods for correspondence.

To put it plainly, we can state that there’s an immediate association between your website’s outline and its impact on bargains. You should employ a prestigious organization like 2440 Media that offers amazing website outline if you intend to redesign the whole look and feel of your business website. Keep in mind; private companies can’t bear to have a monstrous, dull and obsolete website.

Moreover, the worst thing that you should never do is to make an ugly website. An ugly website design is caused by putting too many fonts and colors. Likewise, the ugly website features signs like “under construction.” Also, visitors do not want animated images that give them a headache. That is why if you want to attract more visitors you should avoid things that could break your website.

Should you take a trust deed in scotland?

Should you take a trust deed in Scotland?The protected trust deed is a trust deed that is binding on all creditors, who have agreed to its terms. For a debtor, compliance with its terms means that creditors will stop pursuing other actions to recover the amount owed. With Protected Trust Deeds (Debt Help in Scotland), debtors have a source to learn about this remedy.


This financial instrument is a more developed stage of an initially unprotected deed. An ordinary act becomes protected once it is binding on creditors. To seek this remedy, you need to begin the necessary process of entering into such an arrangement. This process is not as formal as sequestration, the term for bankruptcy in Scotland. It also avoids some of the restrictions of becoming bankrupt. As a result, individuals prefer this process to sequestration.


To start the process, you need to contact a qualified, registered Insolvency Practitioner who will explain clearly and in detail what is involved. You will be required to assign all your assets, save household goods, for payment of your debts if you decide to enter into this voluntary agreement with your creditors. You should be aware that a trust deed will not discharge you from certain types of debt. You may also be required to pay some of what you earn.


Once you sign this agreement, its trustee will advertise in the Edinburgh Gazette, which is a newspaper used by the credit industry. The notice of organizations like your creditors and credit reference agencies. The trustee will also communicate with all of your creditors and ask them to agree to your offered terms.


If a sufficient proportion of the creditors agree, the trustee will send a copy to the Accountant in Bankruptcy. The Accountant in Bankruptcy is the government body responsible for administering the process of personal bankruptcy and recording insolvencies in Scotland. Creditors who do not reply within five weeks of the published date of the advertisement, they are treated as if they had agreed. Any creditor can petition for your sequestration in this 5-week period as well.


So much time as half have not indicated an objection and they are owed a third of total amount owed, the deed has met the test for acquiring protected status. Once the deed recorded in the Register of Insolvencies, its protected status becomes publicly established. It should keep in mind that, that this arrangement will not cover any new debts.


Once the deed acquires this status, creditor rights become limited. After the deed is signed, you cannot apply for a debt payment program under the Debt Arrangement Scheme, until you discharged. The trustee removed from a portion of the sale proceeds of your assets for services rendered in this regard.


In the event, there are sufficient objections to the terms of the arrangement; a protected status will not be reached. Other courses of action will then open up, should this transpire. Each creditor may then take a chance in court for recovery monies due. The likelihood of this happening are, however, slim since under this arrangement trustees dispose of assets in the same way as a judge would.

Why phone repair shops might just go out of business

In the year 2016, it was reported that a little over 150 million phones were discarded by their users in the United States. Although these numbers also account for the phones that were discarded by virtue of them being outdated, a large portion of these phones was thrown away for the simple reason that they simply needed to be repaired in a certain way. Maybe a broken screen or a dysfunctional mouthpiece.


A large number of these disposed of phones are the worldly popular I-phones.

It has quickly established a trend that in recent times, people are always going for new phones instead of repairing the ones that they have whenever they get a problem.No one wants to go to the phone repair shops anymore.


Why is this a common occurrence though? Why not just take your phone to a iphone repair shop in las vegas and have it fixed?


Lets sample a few reasons why most people would rather buy instead of repair cell phones.


1. Cost of repair.

Most people just avoid the whole idea of repairing their broken phones for the simple reason that is expensive.Considering a person may have already used the phone for over 6 months, spending a substantial amount of money to repair the broken doesn’t quite get you value for your money.So a person simply decides to buy a new one.


2. Time.

The world we live in today has gone almost completely digital, and most of us rely on our cellphones to keep in touch with what’s going on in the world.Not only that, but the cellphone has become an everyday accessory that we use be it for shopping or emails and many other things.


So considering the time that your cell phone will stay at the repair shop, it is simply not an option. This drives people to decide to just buy a new phone and stay connected.


3.The allure of an upgrade.

Phone technologies are evolving every other day. You will always find a new and upgraded version or model of a particular phone every other few months.

It is this reason that drives many people just to buy the new and upgraded model instead of repairing the old one.Why repair my old phone while there is already a new model out? Is a question that pops up during these situations.



It has become a common belief to people that once an item is damaged, even if you repair it, it will still have more problems in the future.

This line of thought has been used by many people when they decide to buy a new cell phone instead of repairing. To them, it’s just a matter of convenience.


5.Reduced phone prices.

When cell phones first came into the market, they were rather expensive gadgets. You could not just afford to break a phone today and buy a new one tomorrow.

However, times have changed! Over the past decade, we have seen a big drop in cell phone prices making them even more easy to replace in a day than to wait a week for repairs.



The technology revolution that is going on now is changing the world in almost all aspects. And in return, the world is changing us to fit in. None more so than how it’s changing our perceptions about repairing cell phones.


It is evident that most people are now not looking at broken or damaged cell phones as those that be repaired, but rather those that have to replace.And this should be a major concern to those running the phone repair shops.

Important tips on how to pick the right flowers


Flowers brighten almost every almost all occasions.It may be a gift to a special someone such as a lover or mother on a special day, for anniversaries or a quick recovery wish. They also give a lively and nice look to your home giving your living room a sense of life. However, it is just not enough to pick flowers just based on their outlook and size. Given an array of options available at the Pearland Florist, one may be overwhelmed what to take especially when one is a first-time buyer. Flowers come in different colors, sizes, and arrangements. Picking the right requires keen observation.The tips for picking the right flowers include:



The flower chosen should be in tune with the event and occasion it is meant for. It is for, example not a welcome idea to take a very bright flower to someone in the hospital to wish them a quick recovery. It may also not not be good to give your girlfriend a simple flower when they expected a large and bright flower to fill to feel more special. It its thus important to properly analyze the event in question and choose the right flowers for it.


It is also important to properly learning the person to whom the flower is to be presented or the place the flower is to be put. Ensure the flower match your furniture if it is for home use.



Put your budget into account. Do not just get a flower out of your affordability scale just because you are being driven by your emotions and current feelings only to later regret your expenditure as you may end up running out of cash to take you home after your purchase. However as you consider the price, you also need to put into account the general quality. Do not the price requirements override the quality required.



Have a look at a large variety and types of flowers. Take your time and do a proper analysis and assessment of the flower you want to get. There is no need of hurriedly choosing a flower to take to someone only to have a completely opposite result from what one hoped for because of making hurried choices and decisions. Get a flower that will truly be special and be one among many.



Would you want your flowers to dry up or get damaged before you give them out to the recipient? Definitely not. The distance between the place of purchase and the recipient should thus be just right to ensure it gets to them in the right form, life, color, and shape. This also includes the convenience of carrying it to its requisite place.



Find someone with proper knowledge about flowers to give you professional advice on flowers, their arrangement, color, size and suitability to be presented for a given occasion. Some flowers also have allergies depending on the sensitivity of the person to whom it is given. It is thus important to get all this information before you get the flower.

It is therefore important to consult a qualified and knowledgeable florist before making your purchase.

Important Tips to Consider Before Learning to Play the Violin

Passion is important when it comes to playing the violin. Violin is a beautiful musical instrument that leaves us breathless and wanting more. We wish that it will be easy and want to learn it in an instant. We want to look at all books to learn it. But learning how to play the violin does not only entail reading books. It is having the correct knowledge on how to use and play it and learn it in no time at all. There are few tips below to help us learn to play the violin.

1) We must choose a correct lesson based-system that we can follow. We do not have to spend hundreds of dollars in buying books and read them because chances are, we do not understand and retain what we have read. What we need is a step by step procedure that is easy to understand. After finding the correct system, we can start lesson using our instrument.

Again, we do not have to spend much to own a good violin. We just need an instrument that can play well with good sound quality. We must also ensure that it has a good tune and it can produce the right notes and to do this, we need to tune our instruments before using it.

2) Next is to schedule an ample time for practice. We can choose a specific time in a day were we are sure that we can concentrate on our practice and not be disturbed. We must find a place where we can concentrate playing the song we have chosen. The song must be our favorite, or it must be something that we want to learn how to play. There is the easy success when we choose the music that suits our interest. We do not need to practice every day to learn how to play the violin and our chosen song in an instant.

3) Most of us get frustrated for not being able to learn fast. Love and persistent will keep you going. We must all remember that learning how to play the violin does not involve an overnight effort. When we get angry, we just have to put the instrument down and calm ourselves before we can start playing again. We will notice that in a couple of days, we get to produce sounds better than each practice session. Whatever is the goal you set for yourself, you must always strive hard to pursue and achieve it. Also, do not forget to remember that you are doing something that you love to do. In this way, the hardships and trials you face will seem trivial to you.

4) The last tip is not to give up and continue to learn every day. Also, believe in yourself, and one day you will be surprised to find that you are a master. Playing the violin is expressing us outwardly. In time we will see that solace can be found in playing it and in the future, all our efforts will be well paid.

Amazing Party Bus Rentals

An unforgettable party anyone has ever had! Do you want to make yours a memorable one; whatever be the occasion to celebrate, it should be truly special. Arranging a party is much more than merely finding the perfect location, get cars from all the friends, taking the special guest to the bar and hopping from one nightclub to another.

Party time should be fun and exciting without anything troubling your mind. Even during the party time if something needs to be coordinated and arranged nobody would be able to live those moments to the maximum enjoyment and rather than being a trip to cherish it would end up as a tiresome and regretting effort.

But if a party bus is hired (party bus rentals) things would be different because that will alleviate all these tensed and uncomfortable circumstances that eat up most of the time apart from providing a fabulous time on board.

Although these are great ways to celebrate, for a party that people will talk about for months and remember for years, you will want to create a unique experience.

One exciting and different option is renting a party bus or party limo. This makes a statement that you are serious about partying and that you have made the effort to put together a creative and fun celebration for your guests. Party buses and limos are available for rental in most major cities.

You can get a great variety of styles and themes of these party buses, perfect for any celebration you look forward to. Some party limos just have a plain design, not having a lot of things in the interior. Just a place to dance! While some other kinds of party limos have add-ons like poles for pole-dancing and LCD TV screens, to watch movies or games or videos.

The best part is that all your guests can be accommodated within a bus, no guest will feel left out, and you’ll be able to attend each of them, the space being a bit small. If you’re that extremely social type of a person who invites friends, friends of friends and again their friends even for a small party, renting a party limo/bus is the best option for you. You enjoy with so many friends and yet have some money left in your pockets.

One huge advantage of renting a party bus or limo is that you won’t have to worry about choosing a designated driver to get everyone home safely. You can trust the bus or limo driver to drive safely and stay sober, and be able to get you anywhere you want to go.

Safety is important. Keeping the party smooth, streamlined and fun is important. Everyone gets to stay together. There are no directions to explain or time wasted finding parking and the group. You can make as many stops as you want without having to worry about the group fragmenting.

Birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and anniversaries are popular events for renting party buses, but there’s no need to limit yourself to that. Party buses are also wonderful ways to celebrate a graduation, promotion, engagement or any other special occasion! How to have fun on a party bus? All you’ll wonder is why you waited so long to try one!